Cost-effective marketing

If you wanted to buy space on a roadside billboard, it’s going to cost you hundreds, if not thousands.

And that’s only for a few weeks, at best.

Compare that to the average (much lower) cost of getting your van or HGV wrapped, plus the fact that a wrap can last between 5-8 years when looked after well, and your return on investment will be astronomical.

After all, it just needs to reach that one customer that wouldn’t have ordinarily found you, for the wrap to pay for itself, and then some.

What’s more, our signs are guaranteed against peeling and fading.

Manchester HGV Signs

Don’t you just hate it when there’s a pop-up advert when you just want to read something on a webpage?

Or if you have to watch a 2-minute advert to watch a 30 second video?

Of course, you do, and so do your customers.

But a branded vehicle fleet of lorries grabs your customers’ attention, without interrupting their day, because it takes advantage of people’s tendency to let their eyes wander.

And when they notice it on the off chance, rather than getting annoyed with your brand, they’ll associate you with their very own “aha!” moment.